It’s my contention that the GAO or Government Accounting Office is busy playing politics, and therefore, I think we have to close this office of our government. I have now been studying many reports and I find them to be filled with left-leaning discourse, and non-factual findings.

In reality, it’s actually worrying me because I’ve observed these studies on Health Attention Prices, Illegal Aliens, Military Attempts, and Energy, which certainly, pressed the limits of fact, and ergo, I find them more akin to “Public Resident” think container firm, which is work by a legislation organization and lobbyist party in Washington DC.

How on World can we expect our government in all honesty around, when they’re not honest with themselves. These reports are utilized by decision producers and our legislative part to create important choices for the society, government, culture, and industry place. I would like the full separate “study” of this organization, and also a actual sales of what’s happening. I want to know the proportion of democrats in the employee’s roster. I think the people have a to know.

We cannot and should not let an organization that will be supposed to foster a reality always check be jaded in politics or purport non-truths, misinformation, or politically jaded commentary. For the GAO to state it is neutral is baloney, as you can inform whenever you read their studies that they’re completely left leaning.

The GAO is not financed with tax payer’s income to aid or challenge a certain political viewpoint, I’m troubled, saddened, and unhappy at the political correctness there, but rather of using these selection words, allow me to clarify. The GAO for me threads reports which can be manufactured politically remaining hovering BS. I’m tired of it and I am not pleased.